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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

Note: this is a public facing web portal, any text here can be viewed by anyone over the internet, so please consider carefully the content you wish to share and please do not post anything of a sensitive nature.



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Send documents to S1 based on a FHIR composition

Our virtual ward pathways require a discharge summary to be sent to the GP at the end of the 'stay'. As it's not possible for the remote monitoring provider (Spirit Health currently) to send structured information to S1 we were wondering whether a...
Toby Page 10 months ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

End of life portal panel

Provide a portal panel specific to end of life information. This should align to SCCI1580: Palliative Care Co-ordination as the recommended information standard for recording in EPaCCS. Information to be derived from the following data providers: ...
Toby Page over 1 year ago in  5 Awaiting feedback

Display of full HNY EPaCCS PDF in the YHCR Interweave Portal

During the clinical safety testing for the display of the summary EPaCCS information from the HNY Black Pear EPaCCS into the Interweave Portal it was fed back that it would be beneficial to provide the full EPaCCS to consumers rather than the ambu...
Tara Athanasiou 5 months ago in  0 Planned

Dates and authors of letters and documents to be visible

When searching for a document/letter for a patient, it would be easier if the date and author of the letter could be displayed. At the moment, we have to open each letter to see the date it was sent. At the minute it just gives the date the letter...
Guest 10 months ago in  2 Already exists

Childrens Social Care Data & CP-IS

This might be a duplicate of a idea I submitted as Guest. Most of the activity from local authorities has been focussed around adult social care and good progress has been made in that respect. A number of LA's are now considering childrens social...
Guest over 1 year ago in  3 Planned

Print functionality in document panel

Provide a button to print documents. Currently it's not possible either from the browser print option or context-menu in the document frame (the document content isn't included) - See attached example.
Toby Page over 1 year ago in  4 Will not implement

Care Portal launch from EMIS

EMIS GP users in Leicestershire would like to access the portal via contextual launch. Launching the browser in a separate window has previously been rejected by EMIS but more conversations are needed to outline our approach. To mitigate the limit...
Dalia Stasiulyte about 2 years ago in  0 In progress

Separate area for Demo/Training

When using the current sandpit at - - there are a lot of additional features which are either upcoming developments or test areas which our partners will not see (yet!) in either their sandpit or live (e.g. summ...
Gayle Guthrie about 1 year ago in  1 Already exists

Automatic search of YHCR providers to return alert of type of data identified

When an ambulance crew encounters a patient, the crew seek to quickly triage the patient needs, often with non-responsive patient (s). However due to the urgent nature of the encounter the ambulance crew cannot search every patient against YHCR. T...
Nigel Hodgson 7 months ago in  1 Already exists

NCRS access via YHCR Portal

When a patient has crucial data within their NCRS record, being alerted to the presence of this data and subsequent access to the key statuses such as FGM, CP-IS and Reasonable Adjustment would assist the ambulance crew and other health and social...
Nigel Hodgson 7 months ago in  1 Future consideration