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Status Needs review
Created by Toby Page
Created on May 17, 2023

Parse non-GP TPP HTML views

We have identified a range of information needs from non-GP TPP S1 units. The introduction of the HTML views for this information is welcome, but it does perpetuate the risks and problems we have with GP Connect HTML views (i.e. it's another place to have to go and look and users may mistakenly believe that information in the structured panels represent the complete picture). These risks and problems will be worsened with the potentially large number of non-GP S1 units being show in different sub-tabs.

In the absence of a structured information interface with S1, it would be good if we could parse/extract the information from the S1 HTML views and present in our existing (structured data) panels in the clinical portal. This should be possible with the consistent and predictable structure of these HTML tables.

There's obviously some work to do around clinical risk mitigation and we're happy to get involved in this hazard assessment.

Having only seen early test data from these feeds, it's difficult to map use cases, but indicative benefits include: Showing social care staff recent healthcare involvements when they see people in order to make assessments (who has been involved, what's been happening, therapies, treatments, tests - e.g. Berg balance sit to stand score), referrals to other services, medications prescribed in community hospitals, discharge hub activities, etc..

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  • Toby Page
    Jul 3, 2023

    that's great - thanks for the update. Yes, structured data would be ideal!

  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Jul 3, 2023


    we have a meeting with TPP this week to talk about structured data provision, which is of course the real solution

    if that looks a long way off we can consider this request in line with other feedback from the beta testing currently in progress