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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

Note: this is a public facing web portal, any text here can be viewed by anyone over the internet, so please consider carefully the content you wish to share and please do not post anything of a sensitive nature.


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Console admin UI for managing ODS/ASID Maps

The Interweave Exchange requires a mapping between ODS codes and ASIDs in order to supply the ASID information for new consumers when making requests to national services (e.g. GP Connect for Pharmoutcomes pharmacy onboarding). This mapping is cur...
Toby Page 20 days ago in  0 Needs review

Context Launch Enhancements

The with the development of the Any-to-Any (A2A) and Discharge to Assess (D2A) Applications, many existing Care Portal Users will also need to access these other 'Apps', as such the contextual launch functionality will need to support this, includ...
Stephen Handley 6 days ago in  0 Needs review

Enable support for encrypted querystring parameter values in Azure AD OIDC context launch URL

The URL to launch the Interweave Portal in the context of a patient record using Azure AD OpenID Connect service for single sign-on takes the following format: https://<Subdomain>.portal.<Environment>.<Region>
Justin Llewelyn 17 days ago in  0 Needs review

Medication panel usability enhancements (showing key info)

Within the Medications details panel, the number of columns requires users to scroll horizontally to view hidden information. When the user does this, the medication name gets scrolled out of sight. Can detailed panels be amended to address this p...
Toby Page about 2 months ago in  2 Awaiting feedback

Exclude Virtual Ward Encounters from non-'composite' panels

The Virtual Ward 'composite' panel shows a number of different resources to build the picture of information for a VW pathway (Episode, Encounter, QuestionnaireResponse, Observation). However, the VW Encounter resources do not have much meaning in...
Toby Page about 1 month ago in  0 Planned

Make usual GP visible by default, without having to 'unpack' the demographics banner

Ability to confirm someone's GP practice is a popular use case for the LLR CR, e.g. across social care and in acutes. It is also helpful in urgent care e.g. locally if someone is with the Inclusion Healthcare practice, it means they are homeless o...
Sandra Taylor about 2 months ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

Error handling: Notify users if their user has been set up without an exchange role

Currently if you try and log into the portal and do not have an exchange role, you frustratingly get logged out with no reason why. Please add the following error screens: Non tenant admin Tenant admin
Sarah Gibson 2 months ago in  1 Planned

Tenant admin - ALL on/off feature: Develop a feature for tenant admins to be able to toggle on/off ALL resources at once

Currently the default status for a new tenancy is that all features are off (unless requested otherwise in the original tenancy request form). As there are currently 40ish features within a tenancy it would be useful for tenant admins to have acce...
Rochelle Featherstone 4 months ago in  2 Planned

Data provider statistics export

We would find it very useful to be able to provide summary counts for our data providers. I.e. Information resources for each. This is so we can present information to boards, partners and organisations. E.g. UHL are sharing 16,000 ED encounters, ...
Toby Page 3 months ago in  4 Planned

Handle document viewer errors gracefully

During our testing of UHL Drug Charts, we've seen the odd error in the document viewer. The underlying issue is an intermittent HTTP 500 response but we see the attached (presumably as the portal tries to render it). Can this be handled via the us...
Toby Page 4 months ago in  6 Planned