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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

Note: this is a public facing web portal, any text here can be viewed by anyone over the internet, so please consider carefully the content you wish to share and please do not post anything of a sensitive nature.



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Childrens Social Care Data & CP-IS

This might be a duplicate of a idea I submitted as Guest. Most of the activity from local authorities has been focussed around adult social care and good progress has been made in that respect. A number of LA's are now considering childrens social...
Guest over 1 year ago in  3 Planned

Review the use of the Source/Provenance tags in the Portal

Currently the source tag is used as the "provider" filter in the Portal. However we should possibly be using the provenance tag instead..... as per example below... We are now starting to receive data from single end points (e.g. equipment store) ...
Sophie Lowsley 6 months ago in  0 Planned

Conduct responsiveness review of portal

We know some panels have slightly odd behaviour at certain screen sizes and this is occasionally buggy. We should undertake a responsiveness review of the whole portal and make sure it behaves nicely on a predefined set of screen sizes / resolutio...
Emma Ede-Smith 6 months ago in  1 Future consideration

find users in multiple tenancies (single environment and region)

Sometimes, particularly testing & CSO staff have accounts in multiple tenancies in a single environment & region. It would be useful to be able to find all occurrences of a user across tenancies in one environment via the admin section.
Emma Ede-Smith 6 months ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

Include contact details for the provider of a Social Care commissioned Service

Display the managingOrganization.telecom on the SocialCareServices Panels - a key use case for sharing social care services is so that health staff can contact the providers (e.g. to alert them that the individual has been admitted to hospital, or...
Stephen Handley 6 months ago in  1 Planned

Print functionality in document panel

Provide a button to print documents. Currently it's not possible either from the browser print option or context-menu in the document frame (the document content isn't included) - See attached example.
Toby Page over 1 year ago in  4 Will not implement

Separate area for Demo/Training

When using the current sandpit at - - there are a lot of additional features which are either upcoming developments or test areas which our partners will not see (yet!) in either their sandpit or live (e.g. summ...
Gayle Guthrie 12 months ago in  1 Already exists

Care Portal launch from EMIS

EMIS GP users in Leicestershire would like to access the portal via contextual launch. Launching the browser in a separate window has previously been rejected by EMIS but more conversations are needed to outline our approach. To mitigate the limit...
Dalia Stasiulyte about 2 years ago in  0 In progress

XDS Adapter for Interweave Connect

Implement an XDS adapter for interweave connect. (Also known as an “MHD” adapter). This will translate between the FHIR and XDS standards to retrieve documents. The initial use-case is with TEWV. TEWV want to retrieve documents from Civica Cito wh...
Debbie Westmoreland over 1 year ago in  7 Awaiting feedback

Allow clinicians to personalise the summary page

This will allow clinicians/ users from different services to be able to change the priority of the tabs to focus on the detail they more frequently use. For example You may want medication/documents/encounters to be at the top of your page at log in.
Paul Warwick 6 months ago in  1 Planned