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Status Awaiting feedback
Created by Gayle Guthrie
Created on Dec 6, 2022

Launch into a single tenancy from multiple systems (YSFT Consumer)

YSFT are currently initiating their YHCR consumer project - they would like to launch into the portal from several different systems: their EPR (CPD), SystmOne (Community units) and Badgernet (CleverMed maternity). It would be easier to manage the admin for this if the 3 different systems could launch into a single consumer tenancy for YSFT.

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  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Jan 20, 2023

    hi Debbie, this is not an issue, a person with one email address can have a user account in multiple tenancies

  • Debbie Westmoreland
    Jan 16, 2023

    Might there be any issues if orgs have multiple tenancies with common users accessing with the same email address? or perhaps where a user has roles in two different organisations (cardiologist at HDFT and YSFT) needing access to both orgs instances of the portal (context launch or otherwise?)

  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Jan 13, 2023

    Hi, I was asked at PSG to consider the pros and cons of this request


    • Cost of development - a broad estimate is 5-7 days but there are expected complications such as users with a single email address contextual launching from multiple systems and needing to be recognised as a single entity in the portal tenancy

    • tenancy configuration - different types of users (e.g. midwives) lose the ability to configure the tenancy to suit their role

    • UX - no disadvantage to the user experience


    • reduced work in tenancy creation - this is a Synanetics task and we are continuing to streamline this process - so this it's a minor advantage

    other things that may be being considered:

    • overhead of managing multiple tenancies per organisation - user management is mentioned, but this is not an issue for contextual launches

    • reporting - getting reports on usage for the whole organisation is still possible where a single ODS code is used in more than 1 tenancy

    Hope this helps