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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

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Different background colours for Sandpit/Staging/Production - Ideally configurable

During testing, avoids confusion of environments. Reminds users when working with live data. Ideally configurable per site of per user, with different defaults for each environment. A clear banner would be an alternative.
Guest about 1 month ago in  1 Planned

Department field in User Admin - please add UI for tenant/admin users

Would like Admin/Tenant admin to create, edit and delete entries in a drop list for the Department field by tenant in User Admin. We understand this is already configurable but there is no UI for admin/tenant admin users. We hope the field can be ...
Kerry Cyster 2 months ago in  0 Planned

Flags Reasonable Adjustment and LPS

This is around Flags in general. Currently there are different types of flags static and non static. I.e. Reasonable Adjustment flag for an LD person could be static as it would always be required. EoLC is mainly static but very very occasionally ...
Jane Owens 7 months ago in  11 Planned

Maternity Data Standard Development and Badgernet Data provision

The HNY have 4 acute trusts all who will be implementing instances of Badgernet as their maternity EPR solution within the next 6 months. Use cases supported by the LMS in HNY have identified the value of enabling a summary view of the activity re...
Debbie Westmoreland 7 months ago in  5 Planned

Create multiple resource types for Provider organisations in the Onboarding Toolkit

In the current version of the onboarding toolkit, resources can be set to Clinical Safety and Public to allow testing of resources prior to Go Live. Additional resources can be added, as they become available, but can only be sleeted from a prepop...
Stuart McGeagh about 1 year ago in  4 Planned

Improve the set up email received by new users.

the set up email should be more clear on the link to the portal for future use and should not just be a link in the set up process. it could also offer advise to save the link as a favourite for easy access.
Guest about 2 months ago in  3 Planned

Manage an 'About Me' in the Interweave Portal/Exchange

Include the ability to create, view and edit an ‘About Me’ in the Interweave Solution – would probably impact both Portal and Exchange. Acceptance criteria could include: Align to the questions/sections in PRSB About Me v1.2 Standard (initially as...
Stephen Handley 9 months ago in  4 Planned

Display of full HNY EPaCCS PDF in the YHCR Interweave Portal

During the clinical safety testing for the display of the summary EPaCCS information from the HNY Black Pear EPaCCS into the Interweave Portal it was fed back that it would be beneficial to provide the full EPaCCS to consumers rather than the ambu...
Tara Athanasiou 3 months ago in  0 Planned

Add new role type or be able to restrict access to data for individuals on Interweave Portal

A HNY organisation (Local Authority) have requested the ability to assign users with different roles types in the Interweave portal that restrict access to data due to reduce potential for data misuse. The use case is a team of staff called 'Techn...
Debbie Westmoreland about 1 year ago in  6 Planned

RBAC development for panel display

Hi All The Interweave product team have been debating an idea, the value of which we'd like to validate with end user organisations High level user story: as a tenant admin (or CSO) i need to be able to determine which roles can see which panels i...
Ian Clucas over 1 year ago in  4 Planned