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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

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Data provider statistics export

We would find it very useful to be able to provide summary counts for our data providers. I.e. Information resources for each. This is so we can present information to boards, partners and organisations. E.g. UHL are sharing 16,000 ED encounters, ...
Toby Page 25 days ago in  4 Planned

Tenant admin - ALL on/off feature: Develop a feature for tenant admins to be able to toggle on/off ALL resources at once

Currently the default status for a new tenancy is that all features are off (unless requested otherwise in the original tenancy request form). As there are currently 40ish features within a tenancy it would be useful for tenant admins to have acce...
Rochelle Featherstone about 1 month ago in  2 Planned

Tidy up encounter location fields

The encounter location history sections of the portal get quite hard to parse when there have been multiple locations in the encounter e.g. inpatient transfers. The location field is just a list of locations, it isn't clear what order this is and ...
Nick White 3 months ago in  2 Planned

Clear errors button

In the portal where errors are found retrieving/validating data the orange exclamation mark in the orange circle appears and can be clicked on to show the error detail. It would be really useful in testing if the errors could be cleared, so that o...
Guest 26 days ago in  3 Planned

Only withhold specific Resources that fail validation

Currently in the portal, if a single resource fails validation, then all the other resources of that same type (from that data provider) are withheld with an error message. For example if a Provider holds 30 Encounters, and only one is invalid, no...
Stephen Handley about 2 months ago in  1 Planned

Allow navigation to Practitioner and Organisation detail for Social Care Assessments and Services

A key rationale for sharing details of Social Care Services and Assessments, is to enable Healthcare users to contact the organisations / individuals performing those services/assessments to get more information on a patient. It would be useful if...
Stephen Handley 3 months ago in  2 Planned

Allow partners to lookup care assessor contact details

If partners can see which social care assessor is assigned to a person then they do not need to ring us and ask for this information?
Guest 3 months ago in  3 Planned

Concerns About Role-Based Access

I have a question and concern raised by some potential users about the access levels on the Interweave portal, especially concerning non-clinical staff. Is the portal designed to restrict access based on user roles, or does it provide uniform acce...
Anthony Claret about 1 month ago in  1 Planned

Add SocialCareAssessmentPerformer as a field in the Portal

The value of the SocialCareAssessmentPerformer extension is not visible in the portal, it is a valuable field for users to be able to see who is undertaking / has undertaken an assessment, especially if they need to contact that individual for mor...
Stephen Handley 3 months ago in  1 Planned

Maternity Data Standard Development and Badgernet Data provision

The HNY have 4 acute trusts all who will be implementing instances of Badgernet as their maternity EPR solution within the next 6 months. Use cases supported by the LMS in HNY have identified the value of enabling a summary view of the activity re...
Debbie Westmoreland about 1 year ago in  6 Planned