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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

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YHCR Exit Strategy for Organisations

Currently we have a care home who are transitioning to an alternative management/owner. Discussed strategy for standing down the care home until the new organisation has completed the assurance activities. As this is a stand alone portal & ten...
Gayle Guthrie 22 days ago in  1 Planned

Table Customisation in Portal

I understand we can now customise the general appearance of the portal at an organisational level, e.g. toggle the display of various panels on the home page etc. What would be really useful would be the ability to customise the tables within each...
Joe Ingle 15 days ago in  1 Already exists

Accessing care records for patients that have died

Idea raised by Organisation: Harrogate & District NHSFT Lead Medical Examiner Idea We note that the YHCR becomes inaccessible when a patient has died, whereas my ME colleagues in the north still have access to the Great Nort...
Marc Baulk 7 days ago in  1 Needs review

Duplication of 'Social Care Assessment' and 'Tasks' Panels

Hi, during testing of our Local Authority data within the portal, every type of Social Care (SC) intervention that we record duplicates under the two respective Panels, this is because within the FHIR resource all SC Assessments are tagged as Task...
Bryan Croxford 15 days ago in  2 Planned

Admin Console reportability requirement

Currently the admin console is the only place which contains a full list of all organisation staff who we have setup to access the portal but the details contained cannot be downloaded or exported in a useable format to enable either checks to be ...
Bryan Croxford about 1 month ago in  3 Planned

Change naming of TPP Non-GP Data tab

Feedback from TEWV users - might be easier for users to understand if the name of the tab was changed from TPP Non-GP Data to S1/SystmOne Non-GP Data as not all users outside of primary care know that TPP relates to SystmOne
Gayle Guthrie about 1 month ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

'Data Present' marker in S1 (and Emis Web when context launch)

Request following GP engagement workshop in HNY 26/07/23 GPs and other clinicians working in primary, like all frontline teams are very busy and only have a short period of time to check records held in their own EPR so checking additional sources...
Debbie Westmoreland 4 months ago in  2 Future consideration

PIX Failure Error Reasons need to be more intuitive

There is an issue with the way that PIX failure errors are reported which can cause confusion to users. The are instance where a record has failed due to a different surname, but the results on the page show the same details. There needs to be mor...
Stuart McGeagh about 1 month ago in  0 Planned

Overriding verified PIX failures

Develop the ability to override verified PIX failures to prevent them from displaying in the console. Currently, all PIX failures are displayed, but some have valid linkages. It would be useful to develop a filter to show only genuine failures. In...
Stuart McGeagh 3 months ago in  0 Planned

Develop Mobile App to access the Interweave Portal

A number of Local Authorities have expressed an interest to access the interweave portal on a smartphone as it would be a significant benefit their community teams. The current web portal has been tested on tablet devices, but the user experience ...
Stuart McGeagh 3 months ago in  1 Future consideration