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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

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'Data Present' marker in S1 (and Emis Web when context launch)

Request following GP engagement workshop in HNY 26/07/23 GPs and other clinicians working in primary, like all frontline teams are very busy and only have a short period of time to check records held in their own EPR so checking additional sources...
Debbie Westmoreland 11 months ago in  2 Future consideration

API to see which providers have data for patient available to view in the portal

Many patients may not have useful/relevant information in the portal, in which case users would be wasting time opening the portal. This may end up causing users to remove the portal from their workflow if they regularly do not find useful informa...
Nick White about 1 year ago in  5 Future consideration

Providing access to deceased patient records for MEs and coroners

Use case initially raised by Ian Anderson, Director of Legal Services and Partnerships at Hull City Council. This relates to coroners/medical examiners being able to access information from GP and hospital systems to certify death. We have consult...
Tara Athanasiou about 1 year ago in  9 Future consideration

Develop Mobile App to access the Interweave Portal

A number of Local Authorities have expressed an interest to access the interweave portal on a smartphone as it would be a significant benefit their community teams. The current web portal has been tested on tablet devices, but the user experience ...
Stuart McGeagh 10 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Flags Reasonable Adjustment and LPS

This is around Flags in general. Currently there are different types of flags static and non static. I.e. Reasonable Adjustment flag for an LD person could be static as it would always be required. EoLC is mainly static but very very occasionally ...
Jane Owens over 1 year ago in  11 Future consideration

Parse non-GP TPP HTML views

We have identified a range of information needs from non-GP TPP S1 units. The introduction of the HTML views for this information is welcome, but it does perpetuate the risks and problems we have with GP Connect HTML views (i.e. it's another place...
Toby Page about 1 year ago in  3 Future consideration

Accessing care records for patients that have died

Idea raised by Organisation: Harrogate & District NHSFT Lead Medical Examiner Idea We note that the YHCR becomes inaccessible when a patient has died, whereas my ME colleagues in the north still have access to the Great Nort...
Marc Baulk 7 months ago in  2 Future consideration

Extract and structure information from S1 Community HTML feeds

It would be very useful if information in HTML views (based on GPC) derived from S1 Community units could be 'un-picked' to create structured resources so that they can be aggregated in the appropriate panel. The fact that GP Connect currently pre...
Toby Page over 2 years ago in  3 Future consideration

ReSPECT forms visibility in YHCR cross-sector.

End of life information is held in many places. Blackpear, GP ReSPECT forms, community SystmOne, Acute systems. The copies of the ReSPECT forms can be duplicated or outof data and not reflect the wishes of the patient. Having the ReSPECT forms in ...
Guest 5 months ago in  8 Future consideration

End of life portal panel

Provide a portal panel specific to end of life information. This should align to SCCI1580: Palliative Care Co-ordination as the recommended information standard for recording in EPaCCS. Information to be derived from the following data providers: ...
Toby Page about 2 years ago in  6 Future consideration