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Status Future consideration
Created by Debbie Westmoreland
Created on Jul 26, 2023

'Data Present' marker in S1 (and Emis Web when context launch)

Request following GP engagement workshop in HNY 26/07/23

GPs and other clinicians working in primary, like all frontline teams are very busy and only have a short period of time to check records held in their own EPR so checking additional sources needs to be as quick and efficient as possible or they won't be used.

The portal is good but can sometimes take a minute or so to launch once the contextual launch button has been clicked in S1. Once it has launched there isn't always information available from data providers relating to the patient leading to a frustrated clinicians feeling they have wasted time and reducing the likelihood they bother to try again.

If a marker/alert/icon could be pushed into S1 from Interweave to assure that there is data (not GP Connect!) available in the shared record for that patient and that it's worth the time taken to launch to review it this might encourage ongoing use.

Is this a possibility?

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  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Sep 13, 2023

    this is under review and would need an enhanced DAS (data availability service), the third party consumer/launching system would also require some work to query the DAS and display some feedback to the user - which would be outside of of control

  • Gayle Guthrie
    Jul 27, 2023

    Similar to a suggestion from YSFT -