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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

Note: this is a public facing web portal, any text here can be viewed by anyone over the internet, so please consider carefully the content you wish to share and please do not post anything of a sensitive nature.


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Handle document viewer errors gracefully

During our testing of UHL Drug Charts, we've seen the odd error in the document viewer. The underlying issue is an intermittent HTTP 500 response but we see the attached (presumably as the portal tries to render it). Can this be handled via the us...
Toby Page about 2 months ago in  4 Awaiting feedback

User registration/password changes email changes

We, at LLR, were pleased to see the improved user registration email format. However, the emails refer to tenancy names, both in the content and as the signature. We would like the tenancy names replaced with ‘LLR Care Record’ across all LLR tenan...
Kerry Cyster 4 months ago in  2 Awaiting feedback

'Who's involved?' view of practitioners/professionals involved in a patient's care

A number of people on our recent engagement sessions have mentioned that it would be very useful to have a view of who is involved in a person's care. Rather than this information only being available in separate panels (i.e. participant elements)...
Toby Page over 1 year ago in  8 Awaiting feedback

TPP non - GP data provider project

Hi I have recently attended a session with Dorset ICB who have integrated TPP non - GP data into their Orion shared care record. Like us they are viewing non structured data. Whilst the presentation of data is the same as ours, they have adjusted ...
Hollie Harrison over 1 year ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

XDS Adapter for Interweave Connect

Implement an XDS adapter for interweave connect. (Also known as an “MHD” adapter). This will translate between the FHIR and XDS standards to retrieve documents. The initial use-case is with TEWV. TEWV want to retrieve documents from Civica Cito wh...
Debbie Westmoreland about 2 years ago in  7 Awaiting feedback

Show additional demographics fields in portal when available

Local authority social care professionals have highlighted a requirement for additional demographic information in the Care Portal. This might include: Marital Status, Language, Accessibility needs, Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality and Immigration...
Toby Page about 2 years ago in  6 Awaiting feedback

Send documents to S1 based on a FHIR composition

Our virtual ward pathways require a discharge summary to be sent to the GP at the end of the 'stay'. As it's not possible for the remote monitoring provider (Spirit Health currently) to send structured information to S1 we were wondering whether a...
Toby Page about 1 year ago in  3 Awaiting feedback

Show PDS 'S' flag status in care portal

When someone views a patient with the PDS ‘S’ flag set it would be useful for to show this status rather than not being able to view the patient at all. Otherwise users might keep trying to find them.
Toby Page almost 2 years ago in  1 Awaiting feedback

Portal View - Current Providers

After a recent portal demo, it was suggested that having a node or tab to see the current providers into the Interweave Portal for current patient record. This would inform the clinician/practitioner of the current services the patient is under th...
Rob Priest 25 days ago in  2 Awaiting feedback

Episode of Care Summary v2 Panel Filter

The Episode of Care Summary v2 Panel is currently filtering on the resources from the last 3 months … suggest an ‘active' filter might be more appropriate, as most users would be more interested in services that a Patient is currently receiving ov...
Stephen Handley about 1 month ago in  1 Awaiting feedback