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Status Future consideration
Created by Kerry Cyster
Created on Nov 22, 2022

Document viewer usability suggestions (LLRCR)

  1. Highlighting selected document. When perusing a list of Documents, it would be helpful to the end users to see the row highlighted in some way. Currently they are banded grey/white, where white turns grey and grey stays grey when hovered over only. When opening the document to view in the pop up window there's no way of telling in the background which document was opened.

  2. Visible Close button. The document pop up window does have a close (X) button but it is white on white and can only be subtly seen by hovering over/or knowing it exists. Suggest it is made visible with a new colour.

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  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Dec 1, 2022

    Hi Kerry, the white on white is fixed in the next release, 12th December, as the background will be green (like the new v2 summary panel)

    item 1 will need a little more thought...