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Status Will not implement
Created by Gayle Guthrie
Created on Oct 27, 2022

Creation of a Test Patient dedicated to UAT only (directly related to testing script)

Currently there is a list of 10 patients available for UAT. When performing actions on the script and checking functionality, it is not always clear if test has failed or there is no data available for that test patient within that particular test action.

Testing is very straight forward for areas where we know information will not change - e.g. demographics, as it is simple to link the script question to a patient and verify that information is available and correct.

Testing for areas that are subject to change is more difficult as there is a lot of jumping between test patients to search for one with information within the relevant section/panel - and sometimes no patient is found with relevant information. Again not clear if there is simply no info available or this is a testing fail when performing UAT.

It would be advantageous to have 1 or 2 test patients set up which are dedicated to UAT (and no data is changed within their records unless new functionality becomes available) to ensure all panels can be checked and reduce the time spent searching for patients with relevant info. These patients can be linked to specific UAT actions within the testing script to ensure functionality is on a pass/fail basis and not an uncertainty around whether the data is available.

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  • Gayle Guthrie
    Jul 4, 2023

    Understand that this is no longer relevant to UAT as the process has changed for standard implementations, but would still be needed for non standard testing (e.g. new context launch or non-portal users) and would also be advantageous for partner demos.

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  • Guest
    Jun 27, 2023

    Ian, please keep in mind that UAT involving primary care organisations who utilise context launch will need to have the patient 'in view' in th e clinical system e.g. SystmOne or EMIS. In order to have the patient in view the patient must be associated with the GP Practice.

    This will potentially add another level of complexity - ensuring the practice that undertakes UAT has the test patient registered with that practice.

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  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Nov 9, 2022

    Hi Gayle, this is very much a shared aspiration and we intend to take this forward with the new test engineers curating data into a few test patient records, ideally each one will represent a clinical demographic, however, the initial aim will be 1 patient record containing lots of Interweave data that won't change! It's high up on my list, I just need to gather the right people together and progress!