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Created by Toby Page
Created on Jun 9, 2022

Support multiple email domains for a single portal tenancy (S1 context launch)

I understand that the S1 context launch mechanism is limited to using emails with the same domain (e.g. as the portal tenancy.

We have S1 users that use a mixture of old format hospital email addresses and emails.

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  • Debbie Westmoreland
    Jun 20, 2022

    A little bit more detail to add to the context of this request - thanks for raising it Toby:

    Currently the ‘allowed domains’ for registering a new S1 user are global to the portal – this means any domains added for a given tenancy, would in theory be able to register in any tenancy (given the appropriate links to do so), which, when expanding beyond and might pose a slight security risk as other organisations, like care homes, wish to be onboarded.

    This idea is a request to limit permitted email domains be tied to a tenancy, for example:

    S1 Tenancy A allows email registrations from and

    S1 Tenancy B only allows from

    S1 Tenancy C only allows from

    Rather than having to allow emails from,, and to register in any tenancy (in either YHCR or LLR) within the S1 context launch mechanism.

  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Jun 16, 2022

    this has also been raised by HNY, promoted to a feature