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Status Will not implement
Created by Justin Llewelyn
Created on Aug 23, 2023

Microsoft Word read-only document viewer

For the Notts Care Record, an acute hospital data provider wants to provide documents from their in-house document management system. It has been identified that most of the documents in their document management system are stored in Microsoft Word format. The portal will not currently display Microsoft Word format documents.

The InterweaveDocumentReference profile does not currently support the Microsoft Word content types, however, this change to the standards has been raised with the Interweave Architecture team with a view to it being discussed at TDA.

If support for Microsoft Word content types is approved by TDA then the Portal document viewer will also need to be augmented to display Microsoft Word documents.

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  • Admin
    Marc Baulk
    Nov 7, 2023

    Hi Justin,

    Just reviewing the ideas in the portal and have spoken to Sophie about this one.

    She indicated the concept was rejected at TDA as it wouldn't be possible to render a read only version of a word document.

    I'm going to mark this request as 'Will not implement' to reflect the decision in TDA, but please let me know if there are any other related issues or questions.

    Kind regards,

    Marc Baulk