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Status Already exists
Created by Nigel Hodgson
Created on May 3, 2023

Automatic search of YHCR providers to return alert of type of data identified

When an ambulance crew encounters a patient, the crew seek to quickly triage the patient needs, often with non-responsive patient (s).

However due to the urgent nature of the encounter the ambulance crew cannot search every patient against YHCR.

The ambulance crew need to be alerted appropriately in order to only access YHCR when relevant data is available. Due to time constraints, the crew are unlikely to access YHCR unless they are alerted that data they need to view is available.

Therefore we would like YHCR to perform a rapid, automatic search against Providers sharing with YHCR, triggered when a validated NHS No. is determined in the YAS systems, and returning a simple response against these three categories of data;

  1. MUST be alerted – such as DNaCPR, Airways issues, Child Protection, etc.

  2. Should be alerted – presence of care plans such as Mental Health, COPD, etc.

  3. Could be useful – Longitudinal care record across YHCR organisations

Proposed Solution

The pilot wishes to explore the possibility of auto- polling YHCR to identify if any of the three categories of data are known.

The response would trigger an alert in the YAS EPR (or 999 or 111) system alerting the ambulance crew/call handler of the presence of data to facilitate a more comprehensive triage of the patient.

The crew would then use the functionality of the EPR system to explore the data available to them to determine the appropriate course of action with the patient (s)

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  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    May 24, 2023

    hi, this is functionality already supported via a direct message into the exchange, i.e. it would be a standard search for the data items you mention and would need development within the source system to poll the Exchange?