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Status Planned
Created by Debbie Westmoreland
Created on Mar 2, 2023

Maternity Data Standard Development and Badgernet Data provision

The HNY have 4 acute trusts all who will be implementing instances of Badgernet as their maternity EPR solution within the next 6 months. Use cases supported by the LMS in HNY have identified the value of enabling a summary view of the activity recorded in Badgernet episodes of care to be made available to consumers.

HNY proposes to make data available to consumers using a structured FHIR feed from Badgernet, taking a system agnostic approach on the data standard to ensure the dataset can be implemented by any maternity feed. To do so would ask the following be considered for inclusion and progress on the Interweave Roadmap:

DATA STANDARD: Establish a data standard to enable the sharing of structured FHIR data - there is currently work underway in the GNCR region and we would ideally look to learn from their data provision delivery and their data standard used as a baseline for one to be adopted in HNY (and other areas). We believe it is important to be as aligned to other nationally developed data standards in order to ensure future potential integration of shared record instances is possible.


  1. Build a connection to the Badger API - it has been suggested that the work underway to build equipment and API adapters for existing projects and priorities may provide a starting point for this.

  2. Ensure the Interweave Portal is capable of surfacing the new data feed and consider the method for doing so - via a separate panel or as part of the blended timeline approach.

TIMELINE: The anticipation of timeline for this Provider project to go live is Autumn this year (Sep/Oct - 23) - a PID is being developed to support this project launch

OTHER INFORMATION: Badgernet Customer Library

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  • Debbie Westmoreland
    Apr 4, 2023

    Hi Ian - appreciating there is discovery still to be done here I note the status of 'awaiting feedback'. Who do you need the feedback from on this? Many thanks,

  • Debbie Westmoreland
    Mar 11, 2023

    Hi Ian - I've attached the couple f slides I brought to the PSG a wee while back. Slide 2 contains a view of what data we are looking to surface. There has been some discovery already undertaken with clinicians in the HNY region on what would be valuable, and we've engaged Sophie in these discussions. We have as I mentioned also met with and are staying close to the progress being made by GNCR as they will be going live with data provision on maternity in early summer, have done lots of discovery which has involved NHSE leads, the hope being, in the interests of staying aligned to our neighbours where appropriate we can become fast followers. The link I added in my idea above has been reviewed by Tim D and contains the architecture and FHIR resource details from a Badgernet perspective. Hope that helps, but let me know if more is needed.

  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Mar 10, 2023

    Adding this for Stephen, received via email

    this is the maternity information from Badegnet that Notts users were most interested in seeing in the Shared Care Record:

    1. An EpisodeOfCare to cover the Patient’s (i.e. person giving birth) Pregnancy – would be used to group all other information that related to that specific pregnancy.

    2. Details from the ‘pregnancy booking’ for an episode (could be multiple instances of these, in most cases would only need to see the latest information):

      • Estimated date of delivery - by date

      • Estimated date of delivery - by scans

      • Estimated date of delivery - Agreed

      • Pregnancy intention / planned pregnancy

      • Gravida

      • Parity

      • Last menstrual period date

      • Height of woman

      • Weight of woman

      • Birth Plan:

    i. Planned place of birth - facility

    ii. Planned place of birth type (Home | Primary birthing facility | Secondary birthing facility | Tertiary birthing facility | Other)

    iii. Planned place of birth type - 'Other' - detail

    1. Details of any ‘labour and birth’ data items for an episode, i.e. (post birth):

      • Labour 3rd Stage - Length

      • Number of babies born

      • Type of birth

      • Birth position

  • Admin
    Ian Clucas
    Mar 9, 2023

    Hi Debbie, do you have an idea what the 'summary view' would contain? We can start to develop a portal mock-up in advance/in parrallel to the data standards and adapter work

  • Stephen Handley
    Mar 2, 2023

    Notts have two trusts using Badgernet, so are also be very interested in this. Badgernet supports Topic-Based Subscriptions, so one model we would want to consider is an apdapter that could subscribe to topics (e.g. MatBooking and LabourBirth) and update the local trust FHIR Appliance with any changes. This would enable other Data Consumers in the ICS (e.g. GP or Social Care) to subscribe to alerts such as when a patient is recorded as pregnant .