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This portal provides an open platform for user feedback and product change requests. Anyone can add an idea and remain as a Guest, but please consider signing up so that others can see who has created the ideas!

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Accessing care records for patients that have died

Idea raised by Organisation: Harrogate & District NHSFT Lead Medical Examiner Idea We note that the YHCR becomes inaccessible when a patient has died, whereas my ME colleagues in the north still have access to the Great Nort...
Marc Baulk 7 days ago in  1 Needs review

Parse non-GP TPP HTML views

We have identified a range of information needs from non-GP TPP S1 units. The introduction of the HTML views for this information is welcome, but it does perpetuate the risks and problems we have with GP Connect HTML views (i.e. it's another place...
Toby Page 7 months ago in  2 Needs review

Add clarity of source of errors to all adaptors in the exchange.

All resultant errors which are passed back to consumers (and providers when adding data) come in the form of OOs, but these OOs are built in different ways depending on what process is being undertaken. The exchange creates it's own OOs when thing...
Emma Ede-Smith about 2 months ago in  0 Needs review